This woman is a force of nature, with or without balloons. The ultimate combination of artistry and personality. I'm just glad she is on our side.

-Buster Balloon, industry royalty

Molly Balloons turns little guys into little guys with big hats
— Craig Johnson, DisneyWorld parks

Molly Balloons is a catalyst for bringing people together
— Rick Newell, investor
Molly Balloons is a charisma machine
— Jason D'vaude, performer

She had a knack for matching every balloon perfectly to the personality of each of my guests
— Kaitlyn, bride
woww.. cool.
— Luke, 3 years old

I can always trust the Molly Balloons team to get the job done and create memorable and colorful moments of joy or beauty at my events. I don’t need to guess or hope. They do it every time.
— Amy S, event planner
We do not live in a world in which you can out-personality Molly Balloons
— Jadrian Salmans

Molly Balloons like a lava lamp… I’m not getting any smarter by watching it but boy… This nonsense is fun to watch
— Gina Van Der Zanden.